Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GO SEE....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 0

Yes I've been away forever, I had a computer related problem...IT BROKE!!! So now I've hustled my way into my ex-bosses office just to BLOG to you...So listen up (MOM!) I've recently had the pleasure of seeing an exceptional documentary called EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP...this flick stands alone as maybe one of the single most fascinating docs I've seen in recent years. It's about a British graffiti artist named Banksy and believe me when I say this, this dude is the truth! Make a list of things to see and put this on the tip-top! Add to cart Kick Ass, which was a blast to watch. Throw in a lil BETTY WHITE AND JAY-Z on SNL (you can find it on HULU or NBC.COM) sprinkle a few new trailers in there as well. I just watched a a preview of the upcoming DiCaprio flick and it looks RIGHTEOUS!!! Can this guy do anything wrong...NO! Everybody who watches movies should start looking at Leonardo DiCaprio as one of this generations greatest artists. This guy has repeatedly delivered one solid performance after another. He never seems to compromise his status as one of the most serious actors around. I've been watching this guy do gritty work for nearly two decades now and he just seems to keep getting bigger and better. Go back and check out Total Eclipse or Basketball Diaries and see for yourself. The fact that he's now Scorsese's go to guy and has the lead roll in maybe this summers coolest looking movie (INCEPTION) directed by Christopher Nolan of Memento and the new Batman franchise fame puts him on this pedestal I just don't see him coming down from for a long long while. Honestly, I like to watch The Departed quite often, well, for many reasons but a big one is just to see Jack Nicholson and Leo do there thing. Two legends on screen together- there's no bigger high for me! There will always be a huge space in my heart for Jack from Titanic!!! A couple of side notes as well: Saw Magruber this weekend and damn this was a funny ass movie! As far as SNL skits tuned into feature lengths films go...this one was up there! seriously, I haven't laughed this hard since, well like two days ago when I watched Pineapple Express for the 900th time! Stay tuned cause I'll be back faster than you can say blueberry pancakes for a whole new tangent on the worlds greatest film festival, the new Will Ferrell and Marky Mark flick and JOE PESCI...YES I SAID JOE PESCI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't call it a comeback... Later.