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Come See My New Site!

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So the time has come for me to bring my little blog into the 21st Century. No more Blogger holding me back. With a little help from my friends, I'll be bringing my readers (mom) some cool new things!!!!!!! Let me know what you think of my new site. Here's the address

Come See My New Site!

So the time has come for me to bring my little blog into the 21st Century. No more Blogger hold me back. With a little help from my friends, I'll be bringing my readers (mom) some cool new things!!!!!!! Let me know what you think of my new site. Here's the address

Come See My New Site!

So the time has come for me to bring my little blog into the 21st Century. No more Blogger hold me back. With a little help from my friends, I'll be bringing my readers (mom) some cool new things!!!!!!! Let me know what you think of my new site. Here's the address

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where the F@#K is GENE HACKMAN???

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I was lying in bed this morning deciding whether or not to begin my day with The Quick And The Dead or Bat 21 then I realized something and a sadness came over me that I haven't yet been able to shake, and it's been a good 20 minutes or so. Honestly, where in the world is Gene Hackman?!? Let's just think about this for a second. As far back as I can remember I can always remember seeing Gene Hackman in old and new movies...I have not experienced this in a LONG WHILE, and it's not okay with me. His last movie can't be, "Welcome To Moose Port" starring opposite Ray Romano, there's just something wrong with that. I want to do a documentary and title it the exact same thing as this blog. I've read that he has now retired and moved onto writing novels and that's bad ass but it doesn't feed my hunger for that Hackman-ness I've been craving. How do we get him back??? Public outcry seems to be the only way, but I can't do this alone...Might have to actually make that doc soon. The only way I can sum up how much this man means to me and the world of cinema is to list a few examples so here goes: "Unforgiven". Mr. Hackman received his second Oscar for his scary as hell portrayal of Little Bill Daggett in Clint Eastwood's masterpiece. I love him in this movie. He's played the hero in so many great films but also is just as good as the villain and he's never been more villainous than he was in this film. I mean he's the same guy who gave us Popeye Doyle and Lex Luther. He tore it up in The Conversation and kicked ass in Hoosiers and then...well then he did " The Royal Tenenbaums." I hate for this to be my favorite Hackman film because it came so late in his career but it's easily my favorite performance of his. He is seriously hilarious in this movie. I find my self quoting this movie all the time. It helps that the film is a brilliant one and the ensemble cast is kind of un-real but Hackman steals the show from everyone and proves he is and will always be one of the GREATEST ACTORS TO EVER LIVE. I miss you Gene Hackman...Maybe we'll see you again, if were lucky.

I've recently watched a few more movies I need to tell the world about. I saw a film called "Ira and Abby" just the other night and the only way to describe it is as a New York tale. Now when I say this I'm somewhat quoting a critique on the cover box but it's only because this particular critic was exactly right. The quote reads something like, "The best New York comedy since When Harry Met Sally" Now that I don't agree with but what I do have in common with the quote is the way she describes this as a, "New York comedy". There are all kind of rom-coms that take place in NYC and many other places of course but this is definitely a NY story, with, I hate to say it but quirky subplots that can only occur here. It's ability to find the sweetness factor in characters that would otherwise be labeled as crazy or eccentric in any other tale is what separates this film from the rest and places it amongst other GREAT NY love stories such as, "Jump Tomorrow," "Flannel Pajamas," "Definitely Maybe," "Sidewalks of New York," "She's The One," "Kissing Jessica Stein," EVERY WOODY ALLEN comedy and soooo much more that I can go on non stop...maybe I'll have to begin my next blog with a continuum of this...If you're lucky right! Later.

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Okay, so I'm chillin at Prospect Park in Brooklyn reading a wonderful book called A Confederacy Of Dunces, when I get a text message from my friend ordering me to get to the nearest computer and witness the new Joe Pesci trailer...I can't even describe my excitement upon reading this! I finished a few more chapters and maybe enjoyed a half hour of the official NO BRA day at the park (I swear it was not just a coincidence) and then made my way home... Now my man Joe hasn't been in a movie since having a two minute scene in Bobby DeNiro's strange but interesting, "The Good Shepard" so this is kind of a big deal. The return of Joe Pesci is something that warms my heart. Who doesn't love this guy's work??? Just think back to Pesci's career and you'll be blown away on the impressiveness of his body of work. From films like Raging Bull and Lethal Weapon 2,3 and 4 to classics like My Cousin Vinny and Home Alone...and then you have Casino. I mean come on. How awesome is Joe Pesci in Casino?!?! He's one of the only actors I can remember that is unrecognizable in his mannerisms that make each performance so memorable. If I can now touch on one more Pesci film, and yes, that film is Goodfellas!!!!!!!! This is what he'll be remembered for and it will be forever known as one of the greatest supporting performances of all time. He absolutely blows me away in this flick which might just happen to be one of the three best movies ever made...jus sayin! But now he's back and you gotta see him in this new trailer. I mean I'm ecstatic and it's only a preview. The film is called Love Ranch and Pesci stars opposite Helen Mirren and it's about the first ever whore house in Nevada. This one might be epic. He looks old and cool and it appears as if were gonna be blessed with some long awaited crazy ass Pesci. Suffice it to say, I can't wait. On to the next. I've been a lucky viewer these past few weeks. Aside from the aforementioned Brooklyn bra escapade I was privy to this afternoon I was also able to squeeze in two great films. Go to the movies and see Get Him To The Greek. This flick was hilarious. Now I must admit I was and still am a HUGE fan of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. That movie is one of my favorites, I pretty much love everything about it. Russel Brand as Aldous Snow does steal the show and now he gets his own movie starring opposite Jonah Hill and Diddy...Come on! This shit killed me. And my man Diddy nearly stole this one! There's no way you don't enjoy the shit outta this one...if you don't you're a douche bag! Were gonna jump to a drama here but don't get sad because this comes with a performance like no other. And it comes from The greatest(can I call him that? I think he just might be) Al Pacino in the HBO original, "You Don't Know Jack" After a string of shit films (and believe me, that pains me to say) he's dropped a classic one on us. He plays Jack Kavorkian and he plays him to perfection. I don't even remember much about that guy but now every time I hear his name I'm just gonna think of old as fuck, but still doing his thing Al P. Were blessed to have him in our lives. I have Good Will Hunting on in the background and I'm so going to go watch the rest. Fuck I LOVE this movie. I'll be back SOON with the best topic ever...I have no idea what that is yet but it's probably movie related! I'll say hi to Matt and Ben for ya! Later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GO SEE....

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Yes I've been away forever, I had a computer related problem...IT BROKE!!! So now I've hustled my way into my ex-bosses office just to BLOG to you...So listen up (MOM!) I've recently had the pleasure of seeing an exceptional documentary called EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP...this flick stands alone as maybe one of the single most fascinating docs I've seen in recent years. It's about a British graffiti artist named Banksy and believe me when I say this, this dude is the truth! Make a list of things to see and put this on the tip-top! Add to cart Kick Ass, which was a blast to watch. Throw in a lil BETTY WHITE AND JAY-Z on SNL (you can find it on HULU or NBC.COM) sprinkle a few new trailers in there as well. I just watched a a preview of the upcoming DiCaprio flick and it looks RIGHTEOUS!!! Can this guy do anything wrong...NO! Everybody who watches movies should start looking at Leonardo DiCaprio as one of this generations greatest artists. This guy has repeatedly delivered one solid performance after another. He never seems to compromise his status as one of the most serious actors around. I've been watching this guy do gritty work for nearly two decades now and he just seems to keep getting bigger and better. Go back and check out Total Eclipse or Basketball Diaries and see for yourself. The fact that he's now Scorsese's go to guy and has the lead roll in maybe this summers coolest looking movie (INCEPTION) directed by Christopher Nolan of Memento and the new Batman franchise fame puts him on this pedestal I just don't see him coming down from for a long long while. Honestly, I like to watch The Departed quite often, well, for many reasons but a big one is just to see Jack Nicholson and Leo do there thing. Two legends on screen together- there's no bigger high for me! There will always be a huge space in my heart for Jack from Titanic!!! A couple of side notes as well: Saw Magruber this weekend and damn this was a funny ass movie! As far as SNL skits tuned into feature lengths films go...this one was up there! seriously, I haven't laughed this hard since, well like two days ago when I watched Pineapple Express for the 900th time! Stay tuned cause I'll be back faster than you can say blueberry pancakes for a whole new tangent on the worlds greatest film festival, the new Will Ferrell and Marky Mark flick and JOE PESCI...YES I SAID JOE PESCI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't call it a comeback... Later.

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Prophet

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Where have I been all this time??? Why do I take way too long to update this? Amy Adams did it like every day in that awesome movie and I wanna be I wanna be like AMY! If I could be like AMY!!! So I'm back with a whole new set of issues to discuss...In the past few weeks I've gotten over my distaste of this years Oscar ceremony(just not the most memorable this year)I've seen some good, actually GREAT flicks and happen to fall in love all in the span of like three weeks. God bless NYC! So I don't wanna get into bitchin about the Oscars and how I wasn't satisfied with all the winners and the fact that Sandra took best actress for a movie like the Blind Side. Don't get me wrong everybody (including myself loves Sandra Bullock) but come on- this is the Oscars. Give it to Carrie Mulligan or my girl Precious. All complaining aside it's cool to see Sandra get her due...kind of. This leads me to my next subject: Foreign language film. I already forgot which film won(shame on me) and I'm sure it's great but about 23 hours before the Oscars I had the pleasure of watching this years nominee for best foreign language film out of France...and I can't stress this enough this film was PERFECT! THE PROPHET is one of those movies that won't get it's due for years to come despite incredible reviews. The story of a half French half Arabic 19 year old whose just been sentenced to a shitload of years in prison and how he has to work his way up the food chain. At most times brutal but all times compelling and oh so well acted, I mean these guys are the real deal. This film is the reason why I go to the movies. FOR REAL! It's the third feature from director Jacques Audiard and this guy is becoming my new hero. After directing two other brilliant films, "READ MY LIPS" and "THE BEAT THAT MY HEART SKIPPED" I'm psyched for this guy Y'all. This guy is the future. He's on his way to a perfect track record and that is hard for a director nowadays. I'm not exaggerating when I say this is a perfect film. I'll never forget this movie and I want everybody to see it!!! Find a way to see THE PROPHET (Un Prophète) and SEE IT...PLEASE!!! Now to close out a lil personal matter I've been going through. I think I've fallen in love and I wasn't sure until we watched GOODFELLAS together and she was so into it...I was in heaven I tell ya. But why is it that I fall in love simply because of an amazing evening of Scorsese? I think I might have a problem. Plus I feel I've completely lost the ability to talk to women. I can just hope to watch a great gangster flick with em and come together on that...Until next time when I discuss Jude Law's awesome haircut and how I think it's bound to make REPO MEN just a blast I wish you all my love and bid you a fine farewell...Later!

Friday, March 5, 2010


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Now to be completely honest I don't think words can describe how excited I am for what's about to go down on Sunday! I'm probably wasting my time blogging about it because how do I convey all the excitement I have in me to this one little page??? I will try... First off, we get TWO hosts this year. And folks, these are two of our greatest entertainers IN HISTORY! I grew up on Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin has transformed himself from an A-list actor to an absolute GENIUS OF COMEDY!!! He is the reason I watch TV. For these two to come together and host the Oscars of all things, well let's just say that's the best thing to happen to Benji since the invention of those dollar movie rental machines they pit in front of grocery stores, I love those! ...Or the announcement of a fifth Die Hard installment(that's right, I just heard that recently) Suffice it to say I'm pretty juiced for these two legends to be up there together. On to the predictions...Okay, so I gotta be completely honest here, I wish with all my heart Inglorious Basterds would walk away with the Best Picture award and many more, that was a film of true originality and a level of entertainment blended with ONE HELL OF A STORY, plus I really LOVE BRAD PITT!!! With that said, I'm pretty sure Avatar will walk away with the Best Picture award, although if there's any one else that's gonna take it's gonna be The Hurt Locker and rightfully so. That film was an adrenaline rush I wont soon forget. If Avatar wins Best Pic, then I think Best Director will go to Kathryn Bigalow. She's been in the game for a long time and directed one of my all time favorite action movies, POINT BREAK! I think that alone should get her an Oscar! But seriously, she will probably win if Avatar takes the cake, it could always go to James Cameron too or vise versa but that's kinda unlikely. My man Jeff Bridges is a lock, and HELL YEAH for that one...Who doesn't LOVE Jeff Bridges. I just recently rented and watched The Last Picture Show in honor of my man Mr. Bridges. He's had an unbelievable career in film and isn't slowin down one bit. He'll get his due on Sunday! The Best Actress is a tricky one. I wanna say Sandra will get it, and good for her, She's great. But if there's any surprise there it will go to the woman, the myth, the legend Meryl Streep. But that could also split voters apart and the wonderful Gabourey Sidibe from Precious could wind up a surprise pick. What a performance from that woman. But I honestly think Sandra will take it. Monique is also a lock for supporting actress and the same goes for my man Christoph Walz for his ridiculous show stealing performance in the MASTERPIECE Inglorious Basterds ( wow, I really like this movie huh!) I would like to add how cool I think it is to see Woody Harrelson nominated for the second time in his great career. I love you Woody! Best Original Screenplay should go to Quentin Tarantino (YAY) if that doesn't happen I'll be spitting at the television and ripping my hair out like it was The 2002 World Series (the Yanks lost to Arizona in the 9th) OUCH! Best Adapted Screenplay should go to Up In The Air, and make no mistake that movie will most likely be overshadowed on Oscar nigh but it was a GREAT film with an even GREATER performance from George Clooney (god bless that man) and the lovely Ana Kendrick and Vera Farmiga. But hooray for Jason Reitman who will walk away with that screenplay award. There is also a film called In The Loop up for Best Screenplay, this film was pretty much a blast and the screenplay was absolutely AMAZING! I'm just saying, we had a pretty good year! RECAP time... Best Picture: Avatar (most likely) fingers crossed for Hurt Locker. Best Actor: Jeff Bridges. Best Actress: Sandra Bullock. Best Supporting Actress: Monique. Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Walz. Best Director: Kathryn Bigalow. Best (original) Screenplay: Inglorious Basterds. Best (adapted) Screenplay: Up In The Air. So there you have it, the main categories at least. And don't think I'm not drooling over the cinematography and editing awards either, I just don't wanna completely geek out on y'all here (TOO LATE!) So, I wish you all a most wonderful OSCAR NIGHT, I truly do! Let's just enjoy this one eh!!! Oh yeah, look out for Avatar to most likely just dominate most of the night effects wise and shit. Enjoy the ACADEMY AWARDS everybody! Later-

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've been busy...watching movies!!!

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I haven't blogged in over a month. In that time so much has happened. The super bowl, Oscar nominations, SHUTTER ISLAND. But I have to be honest's not like I'm out curing cancer, I've just been working and watching movies and sometimes watching movies while I work and even occasionally skipping work to watch a movie! In the past month I've seen so many movies that it's hard to think of which ones I need to let my peoples know about so they can change your lives like they did mine. I went ape shit for Shutter Island, I love everything Dicaprio and this one just solidifies it for me even more. What Scorsese is to the world of cinema is an absolute truly doesn't get better than Martin Scorsese. With Shutter Island he proves once again that he is the master of all cinema in tackling the horror/sduspense genre with the same commitment and perfect touch as he does the gangster epic or the biopic...I love all his films and when he's got Leo it just makes it even more enjoyable. If you haven't seen it yet, GO SEE IT! I also recently watched Edge of Darkness. And I have to say, it's definitely just your run of the mill revenge/action/drama but boy was it AWESOME to see Mel Gibson back on the big screen. That man has a special place in my heart, always has and always will. I could care less if he's kinda crazy, the same goes for Tom Cruise. Whether you rent it or see it in theaters, give Edge Of Darkness a go... Mel deserves it. Other movies to see if you want a good time, Everyone's Fine with Bobby DeNiro... I cried and cried on this beautiful movie about a father who takes a road trip to visit all his kids after finding out they won't be making it home for Christmas. It was a beautiful movie. Strangely got panned by critics but I can't understand why, this does happen sometimes. We'll get a movie so full of heart and one that truly gets it right and it'll get panned across the board. Some examples include: Prime, Spanglish, My Sisters Keeper, 50 First Dates, just to name a few. These are movies that got it right but critics ripped to hell. Ahh fuck them eh! Okay on to the Oscars... Ahhh! So we have ten best picture nominations this year, I don't know how I feel about that just yet. On one hand it should make for an interesting show, will most likely be a shitload of fun but on the other hand we have TEN nominations. It feels like it might cheapen it a little bit. Now I can't help but wonder if this has anything to do with last year and films like The Dark Knight or Iron Man or Wall-E not getting the nod for best pic, that and also ratings I'm sure. But, Fuck all that. It's a celebration of movies, who cares if The Blind Side gets a best picture nomination after just being an okay movie, hey, District 9 got one too, so I can't complain. If I had it my way we'd just give Tarantino all the awards this year for making one hell of a masterpiece!!! In a perfect world right... I promise y'all, back in less than a week for Oscar predictions and my review on the Bruce Willis/Tracy Morgan buddy cop movie! I gotta go now- I feel a nostalgic Mel Gibson moment coming on! Later-

Monday, January 25, 2010

Gerard Butler surprisingly mended my broken heart...

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Okay, so the JETS lost but Jeff Bridges won a SAG award. Brett Favre threw an interception, but Inglorious Basterds walked away with the best ensemble cast... And then this Conan monstrosity. If anyone should be on late night it should be my man Conan. Much love to Letterman and Kimmel, my boy Jimmy Fallon (yes I like him, A LOT)and I get the Leno thing, he's safe. But Conan is the late night king and it just won't be the same without him. I have a feeling he won't be gone for long...7 months maybe! With all that said my weekend was kind of a drag dude. Ya win some you lose some I guess. Now one could only assume I was dreading my Monday, And I damn sure was. But I persevered and made it through the day. As I made my way down 14th street to my favorite video store I had no idea what I was gonna rent, I just knew I had to rent something... So to take my mind off all this pop culture tomfoolery I snatched up a couple of flicks, included was some oldies but goodies, Sex And The City Season 5. Disc 1 and the awful looking Gerard Butler action extravaganza futuristic CGI heavy "Gamer". Let me be the first to tell you if you've ever had your heart broken by your favorite football team, and then stomped on by the network execs at NBC and then picked up and ripped right back apart by watching your favorite Quarterback maybe seal his career with (another) interception, I'd say this movie is right up your alley. What Gerard Butler and the amazing Michael C. Hall and the rest of the awesome cast did for me was provide me with 95 minutes of absolute fun. For that time I had no problems in the world, and that's why I love movies. And that is why I say thank you to the awful but extremely entertaining Gamer. Truthfully I shouldn't waste this much time writing about this movie but I am...because it deserves it! So now, without further ado, I present the Top Ten of 09... Damn this list is late...

#10. District 9
This movie was unbelievably original in every way. When concept and follow through combine to make near perfection.

#9 Where The Wild Things Are
I told all my friends I wanted this movie to remind me what it was like to be a kid and have the biggest imagination. As I walked home from this film in the pouring rain, with tears streaming down my face I felt exactly that and much more. Hats off to Spike Jonze, once again.

#8. Two Lovers

#7. Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans.
Nicolas Cage is the biggest mystery to me. This guy will drop the worst movie one year (Bangkok Dangerous) and then one of the best the next. His acting in this Werner Herzog gem is absolutely outstanding. I don't think I'll ever get me naive, but I just don't understand this guy. I love you Nick Cage.

#6. Big Fan
See this movie! Patton Oswalt of Ratatouille fame stars in the directorial debut of
Robert Siegel (this dude wrote the shit outta The Wrestler) and boy is Patton awesome. Find it, watch it!

#5. The Hangover
What can I say, I'll be quoting this movie with my peoples forever. It's an instant classic. It deserves a spot on the list.

#4. Up In The Air
It's George Clooney in one of his best roles. When George Clooney does his Clooney thing I eat that shit up. Dare I say that the super talented Anna Kendrick might actually steal this movie??? Props to Vera Farmiga and Jason Reitman too.

#3. Funny People
Judd Apatow strikes again! I absolutely loved this movie. Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen really got it down in this one. How awesome is the rest of this cast too...I praise you Eric Bana!

#2. The Hurt Locker
There have been countless Iraqi war movies. Some good, some overly dramatic but never has one come nearly this close to GREAT. This movie pins you down to your seat for the entire film. It's an extremely intense look at our soldiers lives and the sacrifices these men and women make for their country. Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie are two of Hollywood's most underrated actors. It's been a long time coming for Mr. Renner but I think he'll be in a lot more after a performance like this, and rightfully so. Thank you to Director Kathryn Bigalow. I walked out of this film seeing things a whole lot different.

Inglorious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino is a genius. This is a perfect movie. Epic and amazing on every level. Brad Pitt, Christoph Walz (he'll certainly be used in many American movies after this oscar worthy performance) The gorgeous Mélanie Laurent, The about to be HUGE Michael Fassbender, Daniel Brühl, Diane Kruger and my man Eli Roth tear it up. I LOVED every second of this movie!

So there you have it...sorry it took so long! Back soon to blog about what movie not to take a date on. I have a feeling I'm gonna find out shortly. Later-

Monday, January 18, 2010

Okay, I know it's the Golden Globes, But I love it!

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As a DIE HARD With A Vengeance type movie fan, I was in heaven last night watchin the Golden Globes. It might have been because Mel Gibson was there! Seriously, I love me some Mel Gibson. Okay, I have to admit it had a lot to do with the amazing mood I was in after getting sloshed at my favorite neighborhood bar, (I heart you ROGUE) and watchin The JETS get to The AFC Championship!!! Congrats Boys! But after that I ran my drunk ass to the subway and hurried home to my second favorite night of the year...Golden Globe night! First of all, It was great to see George Clooney and John Hamm, and William Hurt rockin the illest beards EVER. Ricky Gervais kicked ass, and The Hangover won a Globe for BEST PICTURE...Let's talk about this. It sounds weird to say that, but I must say it feels good to see myself write it. Now I'm sure it had a lot to do with the 200 plus million it raked in at the box office, but let's just be cool and enjoy the fact that a good comedy got the attention of The Hollywood Foreign Press...Good for you guys. Inglorious Basterds should have won Best Picture, I could have used more shots of the lovely Marion Cotillard, and I missed me some Brad Pitt. So, how bout that AVATAR flick huh? In no way, shape, or form am I here to hate on Avatar. I really enjoyed that movie, but I kinda liked it better when it was called FerngullY: The Last Rain forest. I'm kidding, I'm kidding I just wish The Hurt Locker's Katherine Bigalow or Tarantino's Masterpiece reigned supreme. But, being honest here, I get it. Avatar was visually STUNNING! As an avid moviegoer I can safely say I've never seen anything like it. And we won't again for a while. So cheers to James Cameron. And a huge thumbs up to Jeff Bridges who has ALWAYS been the man and got mad love for a great performance last night. The icing on the cake for me was The Marty Scorsese montage and the fact that Dicaprio and De Niro presented him with the award and then stood behind him like a couple of gangsters as Mr. Scorsese gave one hell of a speech. The love of FILM was never more present. When Scorsese speaks, people listen and he always says the COOLEST shit. Oh my, I've gone way too far here. So in closing, Thank you Globes for another good year! Time to watch 30 Rock on HULU. I love you Tina Fey! Next time I think I'll drop the top ten of 09, I got two more flicks too see before I do. Later!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two Lovers

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Okay, so I've been sick for like 8 days now and all I can seem to do is rent movies and go to work. So after work today I walked to the blockbuster on 19th st and shamefully rented some soul fulfilling films like Jennifer's Body and Year One. As I was walking to the counter to check my shit out I noticed a beautiful woman glancing my way. I immediately thought to myself I can't step in line with these two movies, that's a complete mis-representation of who I am(it is I swear) So I went and grabbed a movie that I've been dying to see but just haven't got the chance due to b-flicks and straight to video Cuba Gooding Jr. films.(Why are there so many???) I walked in line with the film Two Lovers starring Joaquin Phoenix, Gweneth Paltrow and the very underused Vinessa Shaw along with the two films I previously mentioned. As I stood in line behind this beautiful woman her boyfriend who I'll admit was strikingly handsome in a Christian Slater Pump Up The Volume sorta way, well he comes in and gives her a huge kiss while he drops a copy of Land Of The Lost to her already undesirable pile of filth including Labor Pains and Bride Wars I think it was. Suddenly I didn't feel so silly for my rentals but did for bieng so interested in this strange woman with such awful taste! None the less I made my way home all aline with my three movies and now I blog to you immediately after watching Two Lovers...This movie is awesome but it makes me angry. Joaquin Phoenix is UNBELIEVABLE in this film! Where is he??? He is too good not to be acting in EVERYTHING! It's not just my man Joaquin that kills it in this movie, Gweneth Paltrow pulls off a great performance but Vinessa Shaw is wonderful in a role that I can only hope leads to many more. Now this is the third cosecutive James Gray film that I've LOVED. Most people are so-so on this guy but I'm really into what he's been putting out. Look up James Gray, watch James Gray movies(The Yards, We Own The Night) and maybe treat yourself to some straight to video Cuba while your at it!!! Next week my late late late Top Ten of 09 list...later