Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Top Ten Flicks Of The Decade

Sunday, December 27, 2009 0
Submitted for the approval of the midnight society I present my top ten of the last ten. In creating this list I must admit I was a little bias. I had to re watch a lot of flicks but only the ones I thought really deserved consideration. After realizing that such flicks that are dear to my heart just have no place on this list ( sorry Jersey Girl, Pineapple Express, and Taladega Nights) I came up with the ONLY top ten list anybody ever needs to read... Okay not the only one but this list KICKS ASS!

#10. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
I know what your thinking, why is it so low? It was hard to put this masterpiece all the way at number ten, believe me.

#9. There Will Be Blood
We haven't seen better acting this decade, One of the all time greatest performances in an unforgettable film.

#8. The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
Just WATCH IT and you'll see. It's beauty is undeniable, I'm serious.

#7. Traffic
Soderbergh's MASTERPIECE! The best ending to any film I've maybe ever seen.

#6. Gladiator
Everything in this movie works...I mean EVERYTHING! You couldn't ask for anything more in a blockbuster. I'll forever watch Ridley and Russell together. Any day of the week. I cry every time I watch.

#5. The Beat That My Heart Skipped
Romain Duris' acting blows my mind in this ridiculously awesome re-make of James Toback's "Fingers". I've never seen a film like this. And very few leave me in awe the way this one did.

#4. The Departed
I'm just gonna state the obvious here... Jack, Matty D, Leo, Marky Mark, Father Sheen, FUCKIN ALEC, the gorgeous Vera, and Marty Scorsese!!! PERFECTION! I will forever LOVE this film!

#3. It's All Gone Pete Tong
I wanna share this film with the WORLD!

#2. City Of God
I have to quote my man Roger Ebert here, "One of the best films you'll ever see." He's soooo right.

#1. 25th Hour
Spike Lee's best film since Do The Right Thing, and that's saying a lot. To me this is what movies are made for. No other film does to me what this one other.

Public Apologies to my runner ups: Punch Drunk Love, Before Sunset, The Royal Tenenbaums and Dinner Rush...
Tune in next time (Mom) for my ten best of the year.