Friday, March 26, 2010

A Prophet

Friday, March 26, 2010

Where have I been all this time??? Why do I take way too long to update this? Amy Adams did it like every day in that awesome movie and I wanna be I wanna be like AMY! If I could be like AMY!!! So I'm back with a whole new set of issues to discuss...In the past few weeks I've gotten over my distaste of this years Oscar ceremony(just not the most memorable this year)I've seen some good, actually GREAT flicks and happen to fall in love all in the span of like three weeks. God bless NYC! So I don't wanna get into bitchin about the Oscars and how I wasn't satisfied with all the winners and the fact that Sandra took best actress for a movie like the Blind Side. Don't get me wrong everybody (including myself loves Sandra Bullock) but come on- this is the Oscars. Give it to Carrie Mulligan or my girl Precious. All complaining aside it's cool to see Sandra get her due...kind of. This leads me to my next subject: Foreign language film. I already forgot which film won(shame on me) and I'm sure it's great but about 23 hours before the Oscars I had the pleasure of watching this years nominee for best foreign language film out of France...and I can't stress this enough this film was PERFECT! THE PROPHET is one of those movies that won't get it's due for years to come despite incredible reviews. The story of a half French half Arabic 19 year old whose just been sentenced to a shitload of years in prison and how he has to work his way up the food chain. At most times brutal but all times compelling and oh so well acted, I mean these guys are the real deal. This film is the reason why I go to the movies. FOR REAL! It's the third feature from director Jacques Audiard and this guy is becoming my new hero. After directing two other brilliant films, "READ MY LIPS" and "THE BEAT THAT MY HEART SKIPPED" I'm psyched for this guy Y'all. This guy is the future. He's on his way to a perfect track record and that is hard for a director nowadays. I'm not exaggerating when I say this is a perfect film. I'll never forget this movie and I want everybody to see it!!! Find a way to see THE PROPHET (Un Proph├Ęte) and SEE IT...PLEASE!!! Now to close out a lil personal matter I've been going through. I think I've fallen in love and I wasn't sure until we watched GOODFELLAS together and she was so into it...I was in heaven I tell ya. But why is it that I fall in love simply because of an amazing evening of Scorsese? I think I might have a problem. Plus I feel I've completely lost the ability to talk to women. I can just hope to watch a great gangster flick with em and come together on that...Until next time when I discuss Jude Law's awesome haircut and how I think it's bound to make REPO MEN just a blast I wish you all my love and bid you a fine farewell...Later!


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