Monday, January 18, 2010

Okay, I know it's the Golden Globes, But I love it!

Monday, January 18, 2010
As a DIE HARD With A Vengeance type movie fan, I was in heaven last night watchin the Golden Globes. It might have been because Mel Gibson was there! Seriously, I love me some Mel Gibson. Okay, I have to admit it had a lot to do with the amazing mood I was in after getting sloshed at my favorite neighborhood bar, (I heart you ROGUE) and watchin The JETS get to The AFC Championship!!! Congrats Boys! But after that I ran my drunk ass to the subway and hurried home to my second favorite night of the year...Golden Globe night! First of all, It was great to see George Clooney and John Hamm, and William Hurt rockin the illest beards EVER. Ricky Gervais kicked ass, and The Hangover won a Globe for BEST PICTURE...Let's talk about this. It sounds weird to say that, but I must say it feels good to see myself write it. Now I'm sure it had a lot to do with the 200 plus million it raked in at the box office, but let's just be cool and enjoy the fact that a good comedy got the attention of The Hollywood Foreign Press...Good for you guys. Inglorious Basterds should have won Best Picture, I could have used more shots of the lovely Marion Cotillard, and I missed me some Brad Pitt. So, how bout that AVATAR flick huh? In no way, shape, or form am I here to hate on Avatar. I really enjoyed that movie, but I kinda liked it better when it was called FerngullY: The Last Rain forest. I'm kidding, I'm kidding I just wish The Hurt Locker's Katherine Bigalow or Tarantino's Masterpiece reigned supreme. But, being honest here, I get it. Avatar was visually STUNNING! As an avid moviegoer I can safely say I've never seen anything like it. And we won't again for a while. So cheers to James Cameron. And a huge thumbs up to Jeff Bridges who has ALWAYS been the man and got mad love for a great performance last night. The icing on the cake for me was The Marty Scorsese montage and the fact that Dicaprio and De Niro presented him with the award and then stood behind him like a couple of gangsters as Mr. Scorsese gave one hell of a speech. The love of FILM was never more present. When Scorsese speaks, people listen and he always says the COOLEST shit. Oh my, I've gone way too far here. So in closing, Thank you Globes for another good year! Time to watch 30 Rock on HULU. I love you Tina Fey! Next time I think I'll drop the top ten of 09, I got two more flicks too see before I do. Later!


Stephanie Maille said...

First of all I miss you cuz...second...I left Avatar and immediately said to tom..."have you ever seen Fern Gully??"...I cracked up when you eluded to thinking the same thing :)

You write well...and I enjoy getting to hear what your up to. Tons of love your way!!

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