Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two Lovers

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Okay, so I've been sick for like 8 days now and all I can seem to do is rent movies and go to work. So after work today I walked to the blockbuster on 19th st and shamefully rented some soul fulfilling films like Jennifer's Body and Year One. As I was walking to the counter to check my shit out I noticed a beautiful woman glancing my way. I immediately thought to myself I can't step in line with these two movies, that's a complete mis-representation of who I am(it is I swear) So I went and grabbed a movie that I've been dying to see but just haven't got the chance due to b-flicks and straight to video Cuba Gooding Jr. films.(Why are there so many???) I walked in line with the film Two Lovers starring Joaquin Phoenix, Gweneth Paltrow and the very underused Vinessa Shaw along with the two films I previously mentioned. As I stood in line behind this beautiful woman her boyfriend who I'll admit was strikingly handsome in a Christian Slater Pump Up The Volume sorta way, well he comes in and gives her a huge kiss while he drops a copy of Land Of The Lost to her already undesirable pile of filth including Labor Pains and Bride Wars I think it was. Suddenly I didn't feel so silly for my rentals but did for bieng so interested in this strange woman with such awful taste! None the less I made my way home all aline with my three movies and now I blog to you immediately after watching Two Lovers...This movie is awesome but it makes me angry. Joaquin Phoenix is UNBELIEVABLE in this film! Where is he??? He is too good not to be acting in EVERYTHING! It's not just my man Joaquin that kills it in this movie, Gweneth Paltrow pulls off a great performance but Vinessa Shaw is wonderful in a role that I can only hope leads to many more. Now this is the third cosecutive James Gray film that I've LOVED. Most people are so-so on this guy but I'm really into what he's been putting out. Look up James Gray, watch James Gray movies(The Yards, We Own The Night) and maybe treat yourself to some straight to video Cuba while your at it!!! Next week my late late late Top Ten of 09 list...later


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