Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Okay, so I'm chillin at Prospect Park in Brooklyn reading a wonderful book called A Confederacy Of Dunces, when I get a text message from my friend ordering me to get to the nearest computer and witness the new Joe Pesci trailer...I can't even describe my excitement upon reading this! I finished a few more chapters and maybe enjoyed a half hour of the official NO BRA day at the park (I swear it was not just a coincidence) and then made my way home... Now my man Joe hasn't been in a movie since having a two minute scene in Bobby DeNiro's strange but interesting, "The Good Shepard" so this is kind of a big deal. The return of Joe Pesci is something that warms my heart. Who doesn't love this guy's work??? Just think back to Pesci's career and you'll be blown away on the impressiveness of his body of work. From films like Raging Bull and Lethal Weapon 2,3 and 4 to classics like My Cousin Vinny and Home Alone...and then you have Casino. I mean come on. How awesome is Joe Pesci in Casino?!?! He's one of the only actors I can remember that is unrecognizable in his mannerisms that make each performance so memorable. If I can now touch on one more Pesci film, and yes, that film is Goodfellas!!!!!!!! This is what he'll be remembered for and it will be forever known as one of the greatest supporting performances of all time. He absolutely blows me away in this flick which might just happen to be one of the three best movies ever made...jus sayin! But now he's back and you gotta see him in this new trailer. I mean I'm ecstatic and it's only a preview. The film is called Love Ranch and Pesci stars opposite Helen Mirren and it's about the first ever whore house in Nevada. This one might be epic. He looks old and cool and it appears as if were gonna be blessed with some long awaited crazy ass Pesci. Suffice it to say, I can't wait. On to the next. I've been a lucky viewer these past few weeks. Aside from the aforementioned Brooklyn bra escapade I was privy to this afternoon I was also able to squeeze in two great films. Go to the movies and see Get Him To The Greek. This flick was hilarious. Now I must admit I was and still am a HUGE fan of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. That movie is one of my favorites, I pretty much love everything about it. Russel Brand as Aldous Snow does steal the show and now he gets his own movie starring opposite Jonah Hill and Diddy...Come on! This shit killed me. And my man Diddy nearly stole this one! There's no way you don't enjoy the shit outta this one...if you don't you're a douche bag! Were gonna jump to a drama here but don't get sad because this comes with a performance like no other. And it comes from The greatest(can I call him that? I think he just might be) Al Pacino in the HBO original, "You Don't Know Jack" After a string of shit films (and believe me, that pains me to say) he's dropped a classic one on us. He plays Jack Kavorkian and he plays him to perfection. I don't even remember much about that guy but now every time I hear his name I'm just gonna think of old as fuck, but still doing his thing Al P. Were blessed to have him in our lives. I have Good Will Hunting on in the background and I'm so going to go watch the rest. Fuck I LOVE this movie. I'll be back SOON with the best topic ever...I have no idea what that is yet but it's probably movie related! I'll say hi to Matt and Ben for ya! Later.


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