Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where the F@#K is GENE HACKMAN???

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I was lying in bed this morning deciding whether or not to begin my day with The Quick And The Dead or Bat 21 then I realized something and a sadness came over me that I haven't yet been able to shake, and it's been a good 20 minutes or so. Honestly, where in the world is Gene Hackman?!? Let's just think about this for a second. As far back as I can remember I can always remember seeing Gene Hackman in old and new movies...I have not experienced this in a LONG WHILE, and it's not okay with me. His last movie can't be, "Welcome To Moose Port" starring opposite Ray Romano, there's just something wrong with that. I want to do a documentary and title it the exact same thing as this blog. I've read that he has now retired and moved onto writing novels and that's bad ass but it doesn't feed my hunger for that Hackman-ness I've been craving. How do we get him back??? Public outcry seems to be the only way, but I can't do this alone...Might have to actually make that doc soon. The only way I can sum up how much this man means to me and the world of cinema is to list a few examples so here goes: "Unforgiven". Mr. Hackman received his second Oscar for his scary as hell portrayal of Little Bill Daggett in Clint Eastwood's masterpiece. I love him in this movie. He's played the hero in so many great films but also is just as good as the villain and he's never been more villainous than he was in this film. I mean he's the same guy who gave us Popeye Doyle and Lex Luther. He tore it up in The Conversation and kicked ass in Hoosiers and then...well then he did " The Royal Tenenbaums." I hate for this to be my favorite Hackman film because it came so late in his career but it's easily my favorite performance of his. He is seriously hilarious in this movie. I find my self quoting this movie all the time. It helps that the film is a brilliant one and the ensemble cast is kind of un-real but Hackman steals the show from everyone and proves he is and will always be one of the GREATEST ACTORS TO EVER LIVE. I miss you Gene Hackman...Maybe we'll see you again, if were lucky.

I've recently watched a few more movies I need to tell the world about. I saw a film called "Ira and Abby" just the other night and the only way to describe it is as a New York tale. Now when I say this I'm somewhat quoting a critique on the cover box but it's only because this particular critic was exactly right. The quote reads something like, "The best New York comedy since When Harry Met Sally" Now that I don't agree with but what I do have in common with the quote is the way she describes this as a, "New York comedy". There are all kind of rom-coms that take place in NYC and many other places of course but this is definitely a NY story, with, I hate to say it but quirky subplots that can only occur here. It's ability to find the sweetness factor in characters that would otherwise be labeled as crazy or eccentric in any other tale is what separates this film from the rest and places it amongst other GREAT NY love stories such as, "Jump Tomorrow," "Flannel Pajamas," "Definitely Maybe," "Sidewalks of New York," "She's The One," "Kissing Jessica Stein," EVERY WOODY ALLEN comedy and soooo much more that I can go on non stop...maybe I'll have to begin my next blog with a continuum of this...If you're lucky right! Later.


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